Expanding our reach through the power of supplier partnerships

Together we’re building a more agile, innovative and efficient supply chain.

There’s strength in numbers. That’s why Viasat builds strong supply chain business partnerships for global success in a technology-driven economy.


Viasat is driven by our core values and those values are the motivation behind how we conduct business. Maintaining customer satisfaction, enhancing shareholder value, and developing ethically-driven business connections are goals we share with our suppliers.


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Important supplier policies, information and resources

Tools and resources

  • General information
  • Agile
  • Coupa
  • iSupplier
  • Routing guide
  • Trade classification search
  • Contractor EHS Information

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Supplier quality

  • Supplier quality documents
  • Product standards

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Government certs and documents

Important information for government suppliers

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Environmental policies

  • Guidelines
  • Environmental QAPPS
  • Environmental declarations (REACH/RoHS/Hazardous substances)

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Small business suppliers

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Terms and conditions

  • General terms and conditions
  • FAR/DFAR subcontracting terms

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